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One of the key reasons as to why the Sears Holdings Corporation (SHC) Human Resource (HR) portal was set up at www.88sears.com is to make it easy for employees of SHC to access benefits information. This means that if you are a SHC employee like, say, someone working in a Sears Store or someone working in a Kmart store, you should be able to conveniently access your benefits information at 88sears.com.

Specific aspects of benefits information you can access at www.88sears.com

Some of the specific aspects of benefits information you can access at www.88sears.com include:

  • Information on the various SHC or SHO employee benefits you are qualified for.
  • Information on the extents to which the various benefits are applicable.
  • Information on what you actually need to do, to access the various benefits.

Benefits-related functions you can perform at www.88sears.com

Some of the benefits-related functions you can perform at 88sears.com include:

  • Applying for SHC employee benefits that you are newly qualified for.
  • Updating information that is pertinent for the continued enjoyment of the various SHC employee benefits.
  • Withdrawal from the various voluntary benefits schemes.

How to access the respective bits of benefits-related information

You will notice that there are fairly comprehensive benefits handbooks provided at 88sears.com, with summarized information on the various benefits. So you just need to click on the relevant handbook (depending on, say, whether you are a full-time or part-time SHC employee), and you will find the necessary information.

From the homepage, you will notice that certain bits of benefits-related information are accessible whether you are within or outside the SHC network. Most bits of benefits-related information are actually in this category. A few, however (like, say, the discount policy) are only accessible if you are inside the SHC network.

Ultimately, to access information on any particular benefit, you click on the link pertaining to it, and you are then taken to a page where you can access in-depth information about it.

How to perform the various benefits-related functions

To perform the benefits-related functions, you need to log in to the www.88sears.com portal. Let’s say, for instance, you need to enroll for a given benefit or that you want to update the information you gave about your dependants for enjoyment of a particular benefit. In that scenario, you need to click on the MPI-My Personal Information link, and then log in to this portal by providing your enterprise ID and password. Once logged into 88sears.com, you can proceed to perform the benefits-related function you wish to perform.

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