Author Archives: admin – Sears Employee Human Resources Online is the Human Resources (HR) portal site for the employees of Sears Holdings Corporation (SHC), the company behind retail outlets like Sears and Kmart. It is also a place where employees of SHO can access certain functionalities.

How works

In a nutshell, is designed to provide the employees of SHC and SHO with the chance for them to perform (for themselves) functions that would, in the absence of the portal, have required them to make visits to their HR offices. It also a portal where the employees of SHC and SHO have the chance to access information that, in its absence (that is, in the absence of the portal), would have required the employees to visit their HR offices for them to access it.

Information you can access at

Some of the bits of information you can access at as a SHC or SHO employee include:

  • Information on how much you have earned in a given duration of time and the applicable payroll calendars.
  • Information on benefits you are entitled to.
  • Information on your work schedules.
  • Information on training opportunities that are open to you.

There are also a few bits of information that you can access at, even if you are not a SHC or SHO employee, including:

  • General information on the benefits that SHC and SHO give to their employees.

Functions you can perform at

Some of the main functions that you can perform for yourself at including:

  • Setting up direct deposit to receive your salary through.
  • Undertaking training under the ‘learning’ module
  • Filling application forms for various things you need as a SHC or SHO employee.
  • Undertaking employment verification.

The links system at

The nature of the links system at is such that, right on the homepage, there are two types of links, namely:

  • Links that can only be followed if you are within the SHC network.
  • Links that can be followed even if you are not within the SHC network.

Generally, it would seem that the links that can only be followed if you are within the SHC network are those that are very ‘sensitive’ in nature, whereas those that are accessible outside the network are those that are not so sensitive in nature.

There are also links to the main sites of the stores owned by SHC: those being and for Kmart and Sears stores respectively. login

To access your personal information on, you naturally need to be logged in, by following the MPI – My Personal Information link. But there are general bits of information that you can access even if you haven’t logged into the site: like, say, those contained in the benefits handbooks.

88sears Associate Login – Sign In to is a unique HR (Human Resources) portal site. We say that it is unique because unlike other HR portals, it has both general information and personal information. The way it is structured is such that you can browse through the general information without being logged in. That is like, say, if you are a person who is considering taking up a job with the corporation, and want to look at the benefits handbooks. But to access the personal information, you do need to login.

Accessing the 88sears login page

To access the 88sears login page, you need to click on one of the links that will lead to a page with personal information. What will happen, then, is that you will be taken to the login page, where you will have to first go through the login process, before being allowed to proceed to the page with the personal information.

You will also notice, on the various pages on the site, that there is a section labeled ‘MPI–My Personal Information’ towards the top of the side bar that is placed to the left of the pages. Once you click on that ‘MPI- My Personal Information’ link, you are taken straight to the login page, where, after logging in, you can then access the said ‘personal information’.

Things you can do once you go through the 88sears login process

Once you go through the 88sears login process, you can, among other things:

  • Get to view your paycheck
  • Get to view your (personal) benefits
  • Get to update your contact details
  • Get to set up direct deposit
  • Get to check or set information for the W-4.

The required 88sears login credentials

The required 88sears login credentials are simply:

  • The enterprise ID of the employee
  • The password to go with the enterprise ID of the employee

It is worth noting that, in order to guarantee the security of the site, the people behind have a system where the site users’ passwords expire every 3 months. This is just as well, seeing the sensitivity of the personal information transferred through the particular portal.

The main steps in the 88sears login procedure

To log in to, you need to:

  • Access the login function — say, by clicking on the MPI–My Personal Information links on the various pages of the site.
  • Enter the enterprise ID and password on the respective spaces provided for them on the login page.
  • Click on the ‘log in’ button.