Author Archives: admin – Sears Employee Human Resources Online is the Human Resources (HR) portal site for the employees of Sears Holdings Corporation (SHC), the company behind retail outlets like Sears and Kmart. It is also a place where employees of SHO can access certain functionalities.

How works

In a nutshell, is designed to provide the employees of SHC and SHO with the chance for them to perform (for themselves) functions that would, in the absence of the portal, have required them to make visits to their HR offices. It also a portal where the employees of SHC and SHO have the chance to access information that, in its absence (that is, in the absence of the portal), would have required the employees to visit their HR offices for them to access it.

Information you can access at

Some of the bits of information you can access at as a SHC or SHO employee include:

  • Information on how much you have earned in a given duration of time and the applicable payroll calendars.
  • Information on benefits you are entitled to.
  • Information on your work schedules.
  • Information on training opportunities that are open to you.

There are also a few bits of information that you can access at, even if you are not a SHC or SHO employee, including:

  • General information on the benefits that SHC and SHO give to their employees.

Functions you can perform at

Some of the main functions that you can perform for yourself at including:

  • Setting up direct deposit to receive your salary through.
  • Undertaking training under the ‘learning’ module
  • Filling application forms for various things you need as a SHC or SHO employee.
  • Undertaking employment verification.

The links system at

The nature of the links system at is such that, right on the homepage, there are two types of links, namely:

  • Links that can only be followed if you are within the SHC network.
  • Links that can be followed even if you are not within the SHC network.

Generally, it would seem that the links that can only be followed if you are within the SHC network are those that are very ‘sensitive’ in nature, whereas those that are accessible outside the network are those that are not so sensitive in nature.

There are also links to the main sites of the stores owned by SHC: those being and for Kmart and Sears stores respectively. login

To access your personal information on, you naturally need to be logged in, by following the MPI – My Personal Information link. But there are general bits of information that you can access even if you haven’t logged into the site: like, say, those contained in the benefits handbooks. Careers

Upon hearing that is the HR portal for Sears Holdings Corporation (SHC) which runs Sears and Kmart stores, many people looking to work in these outlets imagine that it is also the site where they can apply for jobs. This is understandable, seeing that in organizations, it is usually the HR department that handles job applications. It would follow, then, that the HR portal would surely be the place to apply for a position. Accordingly, it is hardly surprising that one of the commonest searches related to the site is that for ‘ careers’.

The real role of the portal at

The truth of the matter, however, is that the portal at is mainly meant for those who are already within the SHC family: that is, folks who are already working for entities like Shears and Kmart stores. It is not, for the most part, meant for those who are on the outside and who are looking to get a position there.

Talent acquisition at

It is true that there is a ‘talent acquisition’ section on the SHC HR portal, at You, however, notice that the job postings there are meant for internal recruitment. Indeed, the nature of the ‘job postings/internal talent gateway’ link on the homepage of the portal is such that it can only be used by people who are within the SHC network. The supposition is that for you to be in the SHC network, you surely must be part of the SHC family in some way.

So, does this mean that one can’t get a job at SHC?

Certainly no. What you need, in order to get a job at SHC, is to visit the main sites of the respective stores under the SHC umbrella: those being and for Sears and Kmart respectively. Once you are there, you can then navigate to the ‘careers’ sections, where you can find the job openings adverts, and where you can proceed to apply. For instance, if you are at, browse to the very bottom of the page, where you will find a link labeled ‘about Sears.’ If you hover your mouse over that link, options come up, where you need to click on the ‘careers’ option. This then will take you to a page with vacancy announcements, and from where you can proceed to apply.

Should your application be successful, you will get hired by SHC. Henceforth, you will have the chance to use to access your paycheck data, set up direct deposit, file tax information, access schedule information… and so on. Benefits

One of the key reasons as to why the Sears Holdings Corporation (SHC) Human Resource (HR) portal was set up at is to make it easy for employees of SHC to access benefits information. This means that if you are a SHC employee like, say, someone working in a Sears Store or someone working in a Kmart store, you should be able to conveniently access your benefits information at

Specific aspects of benefits information you can access at

Some of the specific aspects of benefits information you can access at include:

  • Information on the various SHC or SHO employee benefits you are qualified for.
  • Information on the extents to which the various benefits are applicable.
  • Information on what you actually need to do, to access the various benefits.

Benefits-related functions you can perform at

Some of the benefits-related functions you can perform at include:

  • Applying for SHC employee benefits that you are newly qualified for.
  • Updating information that is pertinent for the continued enjoyment of the various SHC employee benefits.
  • Withdrawal from the various voluntary benefits schemes.

How to access the respective bits of benefits-related information

You will notice that there are fairly comprehensive benefits handbooks provided at, with summarized information on the various benefits. So you just need to click on the relevant handbook (depending on, say, whether you are a full-time or part-time SHC employee), and you will find the necessary information.

From the homepage, you will notice that certain bits of benefits-related information are accessible whether you are within or outside the SHC network. Most bits of benefits-related information are actually in this category. A few, however (like, say, the discount policy) are only accessible if you are inside the SHC network.

Ultimately, to access information on any particular benefit, you click on the link pertaining to it, and you are then taken to a page where you can access in-depth information about it.

How to perform the various benefits-related functions

To perform the benefits-related functions, you need to log in to the portal. Let’s say, for instance, you need to enroll for a given benefit or that you want to update the information you gave about your dependants for enjoyment of a particular benefit. In that scenario, you need to click on the MPI-My Personal Information link, and then log in to this portal by providing your enterprise ID and password. Once logged into, you can proceed to perform the benefits-related function you wish to perform.

88Sears Frequently Asked Questions

For whom exactly is the portal at set up?

The portal at is set up for people who are working with the Sears Holdings Corporation (SHC). These may be folks who, for instance, are employed in the Sears retail outlets, or folks who are employed in Kmart retail outlets. Folks who work for SHO are also able to use the portal, though the developers are quick to point out that the SHO employees using the portal mustn’t assume that by doing so they have actually become SHC employees. The distinction is made, that such people remain as employees of SHO, who are only allowed to use the functionality of the 88sears portal by SHC.

Why are some links at not working?

If you are not on the SHC computer network, you will indeed not be able to use certain links. This is because certain links are designed to only work within that network. You should, thus, be able to access all those links when you get back to work, while browsing on the office or store computers, which are part of the SHC network.

How do I access the login page of

You may search for a ‘login’ link at and fail to come across it – leading you to wonder just how you can access the login function, because, indeed, you can only do some things on the portal while logged in. The truth is, if you want to access the login page, you need to click on the MPI—‘My Personal Information’ link, and that is what will take you to the login page.

How do I apply for a job at

If you are already working with SHC, and you want to apply for an internally advertised position, you can go to the ‘talent acquisition’ section of the portal ( and apply there. If, however, you are looking to join the SHC family for the first time, you need to go to the main SHC store sites (like and Then you can go to the ‘careers’ sections from where you can make job applications as per the advertised vacancies.

How do I set up direct deposit at

You first need to log in, by clicking on the MPI-My Personal Information link, and once logged in, you will find a link to the page where you can set up direct deposit on the portal.

How do I view my paycheck at

Again, you first need to log in, through the MPI-My Personal Information link. Once you manage to log onto the 88Sears portal, you will find a link that you can click on to view your paycheck.

When do I fill in the I-9 form at

The developers of the portal at are categorical that you only fill in the I-9 form provided on the site when you are actually hired (and told so). So you don’t fill this form during application time, but only once you have successfully gone through the recruitment process, and informed that you are a SHC employee.

88sears Schedule For Sears Employees is the site that Sears Holdings Corporation (SHC) and SHO employees are required to go to, if they want to check their schedules. The SHC employees we are making reference to here include those who work for the Sears stores, alongside those who work in the Kmart stores. At its core, is a HR portal, designed to provide the said employees with information that they would otherwise have had to make visits to their HR offices in search of. That, naturally, includes scheduling information.

Specific bits of schedule information you can find at

The major specific bits of schedule information you can find at include:

  • Information on when you will be on duty.
  • Information on when you will be off duty.
  • Information on the specific numbers of hours you are slated to work within a given duration of time.
  • Information on the specific numbers of days you are slated to work, on given weeks and given months.

Why you may need 88sears schedule information

You may need the scheduling information available at in order to plan your life accordingly. For instance, if you are going to evening classes whilst also working in one of Kmart or Sears outlets, you will want to know how your work schedules synchronize with your academic schedule. The only way for you to do that is by checking the schedule information provided on the SHC/SHO HR portal, which is accessed at

Accessing the 88sears schedule information

To access the 88sears schedule information, you naturally start by loading the 88sears HR portal site whose address happens to be

Once you are at, you will need to click on the MPI-My Personal Information link, to be taken to the page where you can login. Schedule information is, to a certain extent, personal information: meaning that you can only access it when logged in.

Once you login to (after following the link labeled MPI-My Personal Information), you will be taken to what can be conceived as your personal space on this portal. Here, you will be required, by way of clicking on the relevant links, to specify what exactly you want to do: the options being things like to access your paycheck data, to access your W-4 data, to set up direct deposit and so on. One option among those is that of accessing your schedule information and that is what you need to click on, to end up with the schedule information on your screen.

People who may be interested in 88sears schedule information

The two major categories of people who may be interested in 88sears schedule information are:

  • The employees in SHC-owned retail outlets.
  • The supervisors of the employees in the SHC-owned retail outlets.

88sears Associate Login – Sign In to is a unique HR (Human Resources) portal site. We say that it is unique because unlike other HR portals, it has both general information and personal information. The way it is structured is such that you can browse through the general information without being logged in. That is like, say, if you are a person who is considering taking up a job with the corporation, and want to look at the benefits handbooks. But to access the personal information, you do need to login.

Accessing the 88sears login page

To access the 88sears login page, you need to click on one of the links that will lead to a page with personal information. What will happen, then, is that you will be taken to the login page, where you will have to first go through the login process, before being allowed to proceed to the page with the personal information.

You will also notice, on the various pages on the site, that there is a section labeled ‘MPI–My Personal Information’ towards the top of the side bar that is placed to the left of the pages. Once you click on that ‘MPI- My Personal Information’ link, you are taken straight to the login page, where, after logging in, you can then access the said ‘personal information’.

Things you can do once you go through the 88sears login process

Once you go through the 88sears login process, you can, among other things:

  • Get to view your paycheck
  • Get to view your (personal) benefits
  • Get to update your contact details
  • Get to set up direct deposit
  • Get to check or set information for the W-4.

The required 88sears login credentials

The required 88sears login credentials are simply:

  • The enterprise ID of the employee
  • The password to go with the enterprise ID of the employee

It is worth noting that, in order to guarantee the security of the site, the people behind have a system where the site users’ passwords expire every 3 months. This is just as well, seeing the sensitivity of the personal information transferred through the particular portal.

The main steps in the 88sears login procedure

To log in to, you need to:

  • Access the login function — say, by clicking on the MPI–My Personal Information links on the various pages of the site.
  • Enter the enterprise ID and password on the respective spaces provided for them on the login page.
  • Click on the ‘log in’ button.