88sears Schedule For Sears Employees

www.88sears.com is the site that Sears Holdings Corporation (SHC) and SHO employees are required to go to, if they want to check their schedules. The SHC employees we are making reference to here include those who work for the Sears stores, alongside those who work in the Kmart stores. At its core, 88sears.com is a HR portal, designed to provide the said employees with information that they would otherwise have had to make visits to their HR offices in search of. That, naturally, includes scheduling information.

Specific bits of schedule information you can find at 88sears.com

The major specific bits of schedule information you can find at 88sears.com include:

  • Information on when you will be on duty.
  • Information on when you will be off duty.
  • Information on the specific numbers of hours you are slated to work within a given duration of time.
  • Information on the specific numbers of days you are slated to work, on given weeks and given months.

Why you may need 88sears schedule information

You may need the scheduling information available at www.88sears.com in order to plan your life accordingly. For instance, if you are going to evening classes whilst also working in one of Kmart or Sears outlets, you will want to know how your work schedules synchronize with your academic schedule. The only way for you to do that is by checking the schedule information provided on the SHC/SHO HR portal, which is accessed at 88sears.com.

Accessing the 88sears schedule information

To access the 88sears schedule information, you naturally start by loading the 88sears HR portal site whose address happens to be www.88sears.com.

Once you are at 88sears.com, you will need to click on the MPI-My Personal Information link, to be taken to the page where you can login. Schedule information is, to a certain extent, personal information: meaning that you can only access it when logged in.

Once you login to 88sears.com (after following the link labeled MPI-My Personal Information), you will be taken to what can be conceived as your personal space on this portal. Here, you will be required, by way of clicking on the relevant links, to specify what exactly you want to do: the options being things like to access your paycheck data, to access your W-4 data, to set up direct deposit and so on. One option among those is that of accessing your schedule information and that is what you need to click on, to end up with the schedule information on your screen.

People who may be interested in 88sears schedule information

The two major categories of people who may be interested in 88sears schedule information are:

  • The employees in SHC-owned retail outlets.
  • The supervisors of the employees in the SHC-owned retail outlets.

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