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Upon hearing that www.88sears.com is the HR portal for Sears Holdings Corporation (SHC) which runs Sears and Kmart stores, many people looking to work in these outlets imagine that it is also the site where they can apply for jobs. This is understandable, seeing that in organizations, it is usually the HR department that handles job applications. It would follow, then, that the HR portal would surely be the place to apply for a position. Accordingly, it is hardly surprising that one of the commonest searches related to the site is that for ‘www.88sears.com careers’.

The real role of the portal at 88sears.com

The truth of the matter, however, is that the portal at 88sears.com is mainly meant for those who are already within the SHC family: that is, folks who are already working for entities like Shears and Kmart stores. It is not, for the most part, meant for those who are on the outside and who are looking to get a position there.

Talent acquisition at 88sears.com

It is true that there is a ‘talent acquisition’ section on the SHC HR portal, at www.88sears.com. You, however, notice that the job postings there are meant for internal recruitment. Indeed, the nature of the ‘job postings/internal talent gateway’ link on the homepage of the portal is such that it can only be used by people who are within the SHC network. The supposition is that for you to be in the SHC network, you surely must be part of the SHC family in some way.

So, does this mean that one can’t get a job at SHC?

Certainly no. What you need, in order to get a job at SHC, is to visit the main sites of the respective stores under the SHC umbrella: those being sears.com and kmart.com for Sears and Kmart respectively. Once you are there, you can then navigate to the ‘careers’ sections, where you can find the job openings adverts, and where you can proceed to apply. For instance, if you are at www.sears.com, browse to the very bottom of the page, where you will find a link labeled ‘about Sears.’ If you hover your mouse over that link, options come up, where you need to click on the ‘careers’ option. This then will take you to a page with vacancy announcements, and from where you can proceed to apply.

Should your application be successful, you will get hired by SHC. Henceforth, you will have the chance to use 88sears.com to access your paycheck data, set up direct deposit, file tax information, access schedule information… and so on.

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